Hybrid Homes

Affordable Homes, Custom Craftsmanship


Hybrid Homes LLC builds thoughtfully designed, quality, affordable homes with custom craftsmanship to suit your family’s needs.


Our hybrid homes are the most economical solution available in East Texas.

These quality, well-built homes are not manufactured or modular homes.

Rather than being factory-built or pieced together onsite, our hybrid homes are a one-piece traditional build transported to your site.

Not only does this keep costs down, but it also provides you with a home that will appreciate in value, unlike manufactured and modular homes.

Banks are also much more likely to lend money on our hybrid homes and often can loan up to 90% of the home value.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike manufactured or modular homes, our well-built hybrid homes are constructed to be energy efficient.

We use top-of-the-line energy-efficient appliances and the latest energy-efficient technologies such as Smart Siding, Tecshield decking, 30 year architectural roofing, and extra insulation in the walls and attic space.

Many of these materials are what we use in a high-end custom home.

Thoughtful Design

Our hybrid homes are thoughtfully designed to make the most of your new home.

The three-bedroom two, two-bath floor plans are open and airy, making you feel like you’re in a much larger space.

The cabinetry is hardwood, and there is extra bracing where TVs and towel bars hang, plus spacious closets and storage throughout.